Tips for Working Parents

Working outside the home and parenting can be both satisfying and stressful. Planning ahead for possible situations that may come up may help you handle those problems more easily with less stress. And when you feel good about your child’s care and well-being, you’ll do better at work.

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Learn your employer’s policies

Knowing your employer’s policies helps you plan out your daily routine. It can also help you plan ahead in case of a family crisis. Can you use sick or personal days when your child is ill? If an emergency happens, can you take work home or make up the lost time? Does your employer offer a policy to repay you for child care (child care reimbursement)? Or let you use pretax dollars to pay for child care (a pretax, dependent-care account)? In some cases, employers may offer job sharing or flexible hours. Work with your supervisor to resolve any issues that may come up between your parenting and work responsibilities.

Solving childcare issues

Focus on solving your child-care problems. Your answers to the questions below can help you find the areas that need your attention.

  • Do I have to make new arrangements every time my child gets sick?

  • Do I worry about how much and what kind of attention my child receives in daycare?

  • Do I often interrupt my work to deal with family matters that could have been handled at home?

  • Do I worry that my child is scared, lonely, or getting into trouble while at home alone?

Once you figure out the problem areas, plan how you’ll respond to each one in the future. You can always adjust your plan to meet the needs and values of you and your family.

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